In a Reiki session with Talese, I felt a release of old energy that I had held onto for decades. The healing energy came to a place in my throat that had ached with grief for a connection with my mother that I had never had. The energy came into that space, filled it, and I felt the ache begin to dissolve. A few days later, it had completely faded away. Thank you, Talese!
When I heard about Talese’s Soul Intensive sessions I was eager to sign up. Each week she helped me focus on issues that I was having trouble dealing with. At the time, I wanted to start my own business. I was in a very high pressure job fearful of making a move. Talese asked me to create a collage of all the things in life I wanted to attract - An Inspiration Board. I put the board together and hung it in a place where I could focus on it every day. Within 2 weeks of making my Inspiration Board I had resigned from my job and signed a lease on my new design studio!! Talese helped me cut through all the internal clutter and focus on what my spirit really wanted. I am very happy running my own business and forever grateful for her help and insight! I would recommend her work to anyone.
Talese is incredibly sensitive to your energy and the energies that surround your daily life. She provides an intuitive source of guidance by helping to eliminate the clutter and clarify how best to master your own energy by sharing insight on what is lighting up on your path and what may be blocking or does not serve you. After my most recent session with her I felt an almost immediate release from external energies weighing me down and a deeper understanding of the importance of inward love and mastery of my own energy. I’m always so grateful for the weight I feel lifted after working with Talese and the continued strength to manage my own energy going forward. Her thorough read on energies in correlation to what’s manifesting on one’s life path - delivered with what I’ll call a relaxing charm - makes for a restorative, informative, and always enjoyable experience, no matter what the work is at hand.
Talese is a truly gifted and generous artist and healer. She shares her talents openly and provides a welcoming and nurturing environment which allows you to connect with your own creativity and goodness. As a result, you become more confident in your sense of purpose and unique talents.
I highly recommend spending time with Talese. She is a kind, smart, funny and wise soul.
— Marie B.
For the last several years Talese has provided a unique perspective for which I have a profound appreciation and respect. She has brought clarity and wisdom to otherwise challenging circumstances with a gentle humility that I have not experienced from anyone else. I appreciate the spiritual growth that I believe Tal has presented so insightfully and tailored for me specifically in order to hear the message. She offers the words in such a thoughtful manner that they often resonate like many faceted jewels that present themselves along the journey. She is truly committed to healing the human spirit. She is remarkably available and she reaches out in the truest and kindest way. Talese is a shining light in my life and in any other that has the fortune to know and experience her gift.
— Barbara
I was very fortunate to spend a healing weekend with Talese recently. When I reflect back I see that I have a sense of before and after that weekend in my being and spiritual awareness. Talese was and is instrumental in this shift and continuing evolution for me. She is an amazing guide by showing you just enough so that a door is opened and then gently helps you through so you are making this choice and doing the work yourself. Her honestly, integrity and authenticity are evident when you interact with her. I am very grateful for her presence in my journey.
— Stacy, TX
I recently worked with Talese on a clearing for my house, which I had just put on the market. It was very important to me that I release some of my own negative feelings about the house; it was equally important that the house sell quickly. I don’t know whether there is a causal link, but I do know that I received a full price offer on the house two days after Talese conducted the clearing. I also got a great deal of emotional support from Talese as I was making a major life change. The spiritual clearing helped me to place the house in the past and move on in a positive way.
— R. Marks
Talese is the most connected healer I have met. Her heart is pure and work is golden.

I met with Talese five years ago upon the recommendation of a friend. I had purchased a home for my children and I; my friend suggested I have it cleared. That day was one of the most illuminating moments of my life. Talese knew things about my children that no one could have known. What I learned that day was a framework that I still draw upon.

Most recently Talese has met with my nineteen year old daughter. While their work is private I think we all know how complicated life can be. I feel comfortable sharing her summary. “I love Talese”. It is an honor to recommend her work to everyone in my life.
— MJ
Talese is wonderful! She has helped me understand the emotions I have experienced from situations I have encountered. The meditation sessions have helped me understand what is important for my wellbeing, so I can move forward and focus on inner peace. It is truly rewarding to know that you can heal yourself. She gives excellent guidance and direction while connecting with my energy. I look forward to my sessions and what is in store for the upcoming week. I recommend her ability to anyone looking to find themselves once again.
Talese creates a very safe, loving, compassion-filled experience. Her multi-faceted training in healing arts is quite unique and comprehensive. Her ability to be present, use her intuition and capacity to hold a safe space is remarkable. Talese’s healing abilities along with her lovely presence have helped me make great shifts in my life.
Good energy. Great spirit. Draws you in and makes you want to listen.
I had a wonderful expereince with Talese in Metaphysical.
Talese has an incredible ability to connect with one’s energy - she is warm, thoughtful and intuitive. During the experience I felt connected in a way I had never thought possible. I’ve always understood that energy exists in all things, but to connect with that energy on personal level is redefining. The experience was incredible - clarifying and revitalizing. I would recommend a Reiki session with Talese to anyone, and especially in combination with a Soul Intensive.
The moment I walked in the door, Talese seemlessly tuned into my soul-need and guided my session along the meandering—and sometimes direct—path of discovery. Her intoned words and steady shake of the rattle awoke vivid images in me. In quiet times these mind-pictures drop in for a visit like old friends.
Talese is such a sweet and gentle person. She included everything we wanted in our ceremony and tied it together in a unique way. The wedding planning was stressful but she reminded us that this was our day and it was about the love we will always have for each other. We didn’t have a rehearsal but through many emails I felt very trusting. Talese went out of her way to be at our location. Our ceremony was perfect and unforgettable. I truly hope other couples seek her service because she has so much wisdom and is so personable.
— Jenny W. Anchorage, AK
I first met Talese when I attended a lecture she gave on numerology. She gave a short reading to each person in the lecture and I was blown away by how accurate mine was. I felt a connection to her instantly. I knew I needed to see her again. By chance our days lined up one afternoon and I was able to go see her for a full reading. To this day I still cannot believe the accuracy of what she said. She allows you to record it so I have listened to it multiple times just in awe of what I heard. Everything she said has been true! I highly recommend seeing her, I would love to have another appointment one day!
— Carrie Clark, Tucson, AZ
Talese is a gifted, caring, compassionate shamanic teacher and intuitive healer. I am grateful to have both studied and received personal healing sessions for nearly twenty years. I recently visited her Tucson location for a two-day retreat. The setting invokes a soothing, magical and calming atmosphere in which to access and participate in energetic healing and personal spiritual awareness. My time with Talese gifted me a sense of well-being that has stayed with me to this day. Go ahead, spoil yourself and enjoy the healing blessings of the desert.
— Mimi, Seattle
Talese led us in our wedding ceremony from prep to execution; guiding us to the final decisions that became our sacred moment of connection. Her calm excitement was infectious and made us feel at ease. In our first meeting over tea, Talese had helpful suggestions to carry our intentions through seating arrangements, timing of things and the involvement of the guests. The guidance and delight she brought to the wording and delivery of our ceremony was a gift. Mahalo Talese for being a huge part of our special day.
— Jacob and Phelicia, Hawaii