Individual Spiritual Guidance



Soul Intensives

Soul Intensives begin with intention and assist one on their spiritual journey. They are taught in 4 week and 6 week increments, each building on the previous week. Designed to cultivate one’s connection to their intuition and higher self through meditations, journeys, intuitive tools, ceremony and journaling. Since 2000 I have been offering Soul Intensive sessions and enjoy working one-on-one with clients and students weekly or bi-weekly. 

4 weekly 50 minute sessions: $520

6 weekly 50 minute sessions: $750

Soul Journey

Soul Journey is a guided inner journey allowing one to experience “non-ordinary reality” and higher consciousness through live drumming, rattle, or crystal-bowl healing sounds. Soul Journeys provide clients with an introduction to a sacred and safe setting, connections with animal spirit helpers or spiritual guides.  Soul Journeys can be repeated often—monthly, seasonally or annually—as a way to get helpful information into one’s life lessons or deeper spiritual growth. Sessions consist of one part training, one part journeying.

1st time 50 minute session: $200  

(follow up sessions $175 each)


Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings are perfect for getting clarity into one’s life and offer a fresh eye, or guidance on specific questions or dynamics at play. Intuitive Readings provide information from your spiritual guides and higher self, on your vision of where you are going or where you have been and what you might chance.

50 minute session: $175


Creative Jam Sessions

Creative Jam Sessions are co-created and tailored to work on specific areas of one’s creativity and abundance that may need some rebooting: organizing and clearing in order to foster more of what you are looking for in life and well being. This is a very interactive session and has a practical magic approach.

50 minute session: $125


Ceremonies, Workshops, Retreats



Clearings and Blessings:

Clearings and blessings of homes and businesses offer additional support and celebration when moving into a new residence or buying or leasing a space for business. Removal of negative energy or unhelpful spirits, calibrating and re-balancing, raising the positive vibrations, assistance with closure, or honoring and healing of historical events, all aid in clearings and blessings

  • Clearings and blessings for residences and businesses

  • Moving-in ceremonies for individuals, couples and families

  • Divorce and break up ceremonies for transitional times

  • Changes that honor the past, present and future

Clearings Rate: $425-$950

(travel time/expenses may apply for out of state clearings and blessings)




Loving and sacred ceremonies like weddings, commitment unions, births and passings are passages of rites in one’s life. They are infused with unconditional love and an energy that brings sacredness and a higher vibration to the event. I am a licensed minister and have officiated weddings and other ceremonies for clients in the Pacific Northwest and Southwest.

  • Weddings and Unions (non-denominational)

  • Commitment and Recommitment Ceremonies

  • Birth and new family blessings for babies, youth and parents

  • Passing ceremonies and blessings for the journey onward

Officiant Rate: $275-$475  (travel time/expenses may apply)




Sunday Circle is a weekly drop-in circle. Participants are encouraged to sit in circle and enjoy weekly creative, spiritual, topics that provoke thought, growth and healing. Circles may include meditation, prayer, journeys, journaling, collage and more.

“drop in” basis $25 per Sunday




Classes run in 4 and 6 week sessions. Workshops are held over weekends with a Friday night lecture. Retreats run for 3 days up to 1 week. For current happenings, see blog updates.

Weaving souls journey
While unraveling untruths
We begin to heal.