My name is Talese. I was born clairaudient and clairvoyant. That is “clear hearing” and “clear seeing” of Spirit. One of my early clairsentient tools was to sleep walk from my bedroom to our kitchen wall-mounted old-school telephone and call my spirit guides. My father read somewhere to never wake a sleep walker, so my parents  would watch me do this. However, at some point they may not have been so comfortable with my conversations and did not understand my early communications, but they were and still are, supportive parents and completely embrace my creative interests and help me along as an artist. 

In my late teens and early twenties, I studied fashion design and became a young men’s fashion designer, designing for companies in Seattle and Portland. I often traveled the world, to Europe, Japan and India. I also traveled to LA, NYC and Las Vegas.  

It was a cultural and eye opening time. On one of my trips to India I had a deeply spiritual experience where I knew I had lived there in a past life and I had what I can only describe as a “re-opening” of my channel. The shift opened me up to more frequent experiences in “non ordinary reality.” For the next two years I didn’t share or search out any explanations for my spiritual shift. I was private about the experience and just observed the unusual happenings. 

In 1996 I stopped working in the industry. I was married at the time and wanted to start a family, became pregnant and gave birth to my son, Sam. This was the start of the most rewarding co-creative project I have ever been a part of. During my pregnancy and birthing process I experienced another strong and even profound spiritual reawakening. I was in constant communication with Spirit. I walked with one foot in “ordinary reality.” As a new mom I was trying to find moments to recharge. While nurturing and caring for my new son all hours of the day and night. Meanwhile my other foot was in “non-ordinary reality,” traversing a world that I couldn’t explain or understand rationally. I began to see family members who had passed away coming through to see our newborn son. I heard, saw and experienced clairsentient overload. I knew at this point I needed some assistance to better understand these experiences.

The day my son was born I was given my first Tarot deck by a friend. He knew this was a gift to enhance my awakening. I still have that deck today as it was the beginning of an incredible journey. I dove deeply into the world of the Tarot connecting with the images and archetypes, feeling and embracing the 78 cards as if they were alive! I was lead by my guides to an inspiring mentor and teacher who helped me better understand my intuition and the divination tool. 

Unknowingly, as a child I was also drawn to the healings and divination of Numbers. I had always been connected to a specific number. It showed up everywhere, it wove into my life like a presence or guiding force, even a protector at times. Later on, I learned about Numerology and the esoteric meanings of the Numbers. It filled another curious corner in my psyche and spiritual map.

My reawakening coupled with focused training pointed me in the direction of consulting. Eventually I started giving Tarot and Numerology readings to clients’ in Seattle. My practice at that time offered insights and information from my spiritual guides and my clients’ spiritual guides. The divination tool was good, but I was still seeing spirits who were, for a lack of a better word, dead. A family friend suggested I attend a Shamanic workshop. It was taught by an anthropologist who was instrumental at bringing core Shamanism as a practice to a larger radius of people. Shamanism connected me with an internal knowing and ancient wisdom that resonated in my soul. I was guided again to more teachers, a year long apprenticeship and wonderful mentors who shared with me traditional ceremonies, trainings and difficult life lessons, to ignite and break apart any “untruths” to my authentic self.  

I have been on my path for over 20 years, merging creativity and spirituality through healings and intuitive guidance, assisting thousands of clients and students. My readings and healings are unique and a blend of modalities, ancient and modern. Currently I offer readings in Seattle, Washington, and at Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona, in their Metaphysical department.