Talese Heckler


Talese Heckler is a spiritual consultant, mentor and teacher practicing for over 20 years. She offers sessions for individuals, groups, workshops and retreats.

Spirituality and optimal well being

Spirituality is often the center of well-being and happiness. It does not require you to have a specific religious faith or to abandon any belief systems. Enriching your spiritual path takes focused intention and a desire to open up, expand and foster your spiritual growth.    

Creativity is an original expression that flows in all of us. It is something you can cultivate and nurture. With the right tools and support you can connect and deepen your creative essence.



Talese Heckler

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Talese is wonderful! She has helped me understand the emotions I have experienced from situations I have encountered. The meditation sessions have helped me understand what is important for my wellbeing, so I can move forward and focus on inner peace. It is truly rewarding to know that you can heal yourself. She gives excellent guidance and direction while connecting with my energy. I look forward to my sessions and what is in store for the upcoming week. I recommend her ability to anyone looking to find themselves once again.
— Tammie R, Tucson, AZ
Talese is such a sweet and gentle person. She included everything we wanted in our ceremony and tied it together in a unique way. The wedding planning was stressful but she reminded us that this was our day and it was about the love we will always have for each other. We didn’t have a rehearsal but through many emails I felt very trusting. Talese went out of her way to be at our location. Our ceremony was perfect and unforgettable. I truly hope other couples seek her service because she has so much wisdom and is so personable.
— Jenny W. Anchorage, AK
I first met Talese when I attended a lecture she gave on numerology. She gave a short reading to each person in the lecture and I was blown away by how accurate mine was. I felt a connection to her instantly. I knew I needed to see her again. By chance our days lined up one afternoon and I was able to go see her for a full reading. To this day I still cannot believe the accuracy of what she said. She allows you to record it so I have listened to it multiple times just in awe of what I heard. Everything she said has been true! I highly recommend seeing her, I would love to have another appointment one day!
— Carrie Clark, Tucson, AZ
Talese is a gifted, caring, compassionate shamanic teacher and intuitive healer. I am grateful to have both studied and received personal healing sessions for nearly twenty years. I recently visited her Tucson location for a two-day retreat. The setting invokes a soothing, magical and calming atmosphere in which to access and participate in energetic healing and personal spiritual awareness. My time with Talese gifted me a sense of well-being that has stayed with me to this day. Go ahead, spoil yourself and enjoy the healing blessings of the desert.
— Mimi, Seattle
Talese led us in our wedding ceremony from prep to execution; guiding us to the final decisions that became our sacred moment of connection. Her calm excitement was infectious and made us feel at ease. In our first meeting over tea, Talese had helpful suggestions to carry our intentions through seating arrangements, timing of things and the involvement of the guests. The guidance and delight she brought to the wording and delivery of our ceremony was a gift. Mahalo Talese for being a huge part of our special day.
— Jacob and Phelicia, Hawaii


my Mission

To be a catalyst for creative and positive growth in people, through intuitive guidance, teaching, facilitating and mentoring individuals who want to expand their creativity and deepen their spiritual connection.   


MY Philosophy

Everyone is creatively and divinely gifted. As individuals, each one of us are a spirit in a body with unique personalities fostering opportunities to spiritually grow and evolve. My service is to assist clients in this process.