Talese Heckler


Talese Heckler is a spiritual consultant, mentor and teacher practicing for over 20 years. She offers sessions for individuals, groups, workshops and retreats.

Spirituality and optimal well being

Spirituality is often the center of well-being and happiness. It does not require you to have a specific religious faith or to abandon any belief systems. Enriching your spiritual path takes focused intention and a desire to open up, expand and foster your spiritual growth.    

Creativity is an original expression that flows in all of us. It is something you can cultivate and nurture. With the right tools and support you can connect and deepen your creative essence.



Talese Heckler

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Talese is wonderful! She has helped me understand the emotions I have experienced from situations I have encountered. The meditation sessions have helped me understand what is important for my wellbeing, so I can move forward and focus on inner peace. It is truly rewarding to know that you can heal yourself. She gives excellent guidance and direction while connecting with my energy. I look forward to my sessions and what is in store for the upcoming week. I recommend her ability to anyone looking to find themselves once again.
— Tammie R, Tucson, AZ
Talese creates a very safe, loving, compassion-filled experience. Her multi-faceted training in healing arts is quite unique and comprehensive. Her ability to be present, use her intuition and capacity to hold a safe space is remarkable. Talese’s healing abilities along with her lovely presence have helped me make great shifts in my life.
— Elizabeth Midwinter, Eugene, OR
Good energy. Great spirit. Draws you in and makes you want to listen.
— Guest comment on Talese’s Metaphysical lectures
I had a wonderful expereince with Talese in Metaphysical.
— Guest Comment, Metaphysical Session
Talese has an incredible ability to connect with one’s energy - she is warm, thoughtful and intuitive. During the experience I felt connected in a way I had never thought possible. I’ve always understood that energy exists in all things, but to connect with that energy on personal level is redefining. The experience was incredible - clarifying and revitalizing. I would recommend a Reiki session with Talese to anyone, and especially in combination with a Soul Intensive.
— Jane, Seattle, WA
The moment I walked in the door, Talese seemlessly tuned into my soul-need and guided my session along the meandering—and sometimes direct—path of discovery. Her intoned words and steady shake of the rattle awoke vivid images in me. In quiet times these mind-pictures drop in for a visit like old friends.
— J.D. Froese, Seattle, WA


my Mission

To be a catalyst for creative and positive growth in people, through intuitive guidance, teaching, facilitating and mentoring individuals who want to expand their creativity and deepen their spiritual connection.   


MY Philosophy

Everyone is creatively and divinely gifted. As individuals, each one of us are a spirit in a body with unique personalities fostering opportunities to spiritually grow and evolve. My service is to assist clients in this process.